Thermal baths and leisure facilities

Visitors to leisure facilities are there to enjoy their precious free time. To guarantee this, the POS and access system should be stable, run fast, effectively and mostly unnoticed at all times.

This is where the strength of the HKS system lies. It easily deals with numerous tariffs, cashless payment and special promotional campaigns including discounts and bonuses. With short queuing times, easy administration and the convenience of cashless payment, the system increases comfort for operators and guests alike.

An easy visitor flow throughout the whole facility is guaranteed: all articles, tariffs, bonuses or credits are managed by the system. Visitors receive a chip wristband at the check-in that can be used in all areas: as a key for lockers, a ticket at turnstiles, verification at solariums or as means of payment in dining/café areas. This particular convenience not only saves time for both visitors and staff, but also increases your profits.