Johannes van Bergen, CEO Municipal Utilities of Schwäbisch Hall:      We understand the promotion of our cities’ attractiveness, even beyond our core business, as a mission we are very committed to

With the introduction of the HallCard and the related city system, we followed our goal to create functional incentives for the citizens of Schwäbisch Hall and at the same time specifically and actively involve local retailers and companies. Thus at a very early point it became obvious, that a mere payback system wasn’t the right choice for us.

The success confirms our effort and the decision for the HKS city system. The identification of participating citizens with the Stadtwerke Schwäbisch Hall and their city is given through the application of the HallCard as well as by their use of the online portal. With every operation, additional customer retention is created.

We can also handle our own marketing campaigns more easily and efficiently. We are optimistic that with the planned extension of cross-selling campaigns and the promoted linkage between retailers, the acceptance and support of the city system by both citizens and retailers can be increased even further.