Launch: 2007, continuous development

Off-street: 2 car parks with 9 entrances and exits, 5 payment machines
Terminals: 50 RFID terminals at different shops

In 2007 the first car park in Sindelfingen started running HKS. Today more than 50 shops and retailers are affiliated to the parking fee remission system (free parking offered to customers).

In 2009 a new car park at the nearby airfield was embedded into the system. In early 2010, with the integration of several local associations into the HKS CityCard system, more than 2700 personalised customer accounts were implemented.

The back office management administrates all facilities with modules such as customer management, affiliate management or the tariff system. Thus any sales, customer movements or similar can centrally be displayed and analysed. Furthermore, the system’s invoicing is connected to the sub-ledger via a DATEV interface. All hardware is managed with the HKS DMT, which also visualises all current hardware signals.