Launch: 2011

Coverage: 4 back office workstations, 9 turnstiles, 5 automatic doors, 6 POS (counter and gastronomy), 1 payment machine, 2 return machines, 7 terminals, 2 parking barriers

The Graft Thermal Baths in Delmenhorst opened in 2011. To handle large numbers of visitors, Graft Therme has been equipped with the HKS system. As well as an extensive POS and access control system, it also covers the parking facilities.

A new interface between HKS and the access control has been installed. Via webcam connection, camera control has been directly linked to turnstile control. This ensures the prevention of unauthorised entrance and other violations of the rules in the entrance area.
All administration is managed via back office workstations. Access to time recordings, booking and gastronomy software are also available via interfaces. In this way information from all zones of the facility can be centrally accessed and analysed.