Launch: 2011
Coverage: 1 data centre, 2 POS (counter), 3 turnstiles, 2 automatic doors, 2 chip return machines, 600 lockers

PaderBäder GmbH operates five public pools (indoor and outdoor) in the Paderborn area. In the course of reconstruction, one of these, the Schwimmoper in Paderborn, was equipped with a new HKS POS and access control system. The intention was not only to improve and speed up processes in the entrance and exit area, but also to restructure and modernise the POS system.

Additionally, all lockers were provided with new RFID locks that work with Mifare technology and can be activated with the same RFID chip wristband that stores all tariff information.

When equipping the Schwimmoper we already had the future integration of the operator’s remaining four baths in mind. A central evaluation of all facilities’ data is being planned for the long term.