Launch: 2007

Coverage: 1 data centre, 10 POS (counter and gastronomy), 2 payment machines, 4 turnstiles, 3 automatic doors, 4 Orderman devices, 6 information terminals, 1 solarium control

The spa in Bad Aibling, which opened in 2007, not only attracts visitors with its huge spa and wellness area, but is also impressive from an architectural point of view. A variety of bathing experiences, each housed in spherically shaped domes, invites visitors to relax and unwind.

In collaboration with Gantner Electronic, HKS equipped the spa, bath and wellness area with a comprehensive POS and access control system. The access points, as well as the transition between the different areas, work with the HKS system. Moreover, the facility’s gastronomy has been included. All charges within the facility are now booked on the chip wristband and are conveniently settled at payment machines or the reception when leaving. The adjacent ice rink and open-air pool are also included in the system.