Launch: 2009

Coverage: 1 data centre, 1 payment machine, 2 chip return machines, 5 turnstiles, 5 automatic doors, 5 terminals, 7 POS (counter and gastronomy), 3 mobile Orderman devices

During a refurbishment in 2009 the VitaSol Therme was equipped with a modern POS and access control system. Upon arrival, every guest receives a RFID chip wristband, which is used for passing through entrance turnstiles on all the interior routes within the baths, as well as for the lockers.

All additional costs, like snacks and drinks, wellness treatments or extended stays, are also stored on the chip. This method of cashless payment is convenient, saves time and reduces queuing times.

When leaving the bath, chips are collected by the chip return machines installed at all exit turnstiles. To pass the control point, any outstanding charges have to be settled. Additional expenses have to be paid beforehand at the payment machine.