Solutions Accounting and Access Control

Accounting & Access Control

Successful visitor management needs an effective accounting system. The HKS system convinces due to its intuitive and comfortable handling as well as its substantial accessible data and statistics. It accompanies guests from arrival to departure, facilitates access and accounting processes and thus ensures a smooth and pleasant stay.

Thanks to its modular structure, the system can be extended at any time. It especially displays its strength when it comes to its variety of use. Be it the handling of visitor data, purchases, entrance fees and vouchers or the accessibility of turnstiles, POS stations and vending machines: the HKS system dependably covers all aspects of visitor management. The central management and analysis of all data is comfortable and efficient.

Guests benefit from the comprehensive service: they can use all merits of the facility with only one data medium: from parking, access control, cashless payment within the facility through to accounting at departure all services are processed centrally. This maximises customer convenience, simplifies workflow and optimises administration processes.

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