HKS Drehsperren


The integration of turnstiles facilitates access control, a fully automated check-in and accounting systems in any venue. A rapid and safe data processing optimises access management. Operators benefit from enhanced security and fast and reliable admission control:

  • online control of the turnstiles through the HKS system
  • access authorisation via control terminals
  • no more annoying queuing times for visitors
  • special solutions for the self-check-in of school classes, families, groups or clubs
  • administration of admission limitations (minors, time limits) via the background system
  • informative reports 

Access control via turnstiles not only makes sense when it comes to managing the entrance and exit flow: areas within a venue can also be made off-limits for unauthorised guests.

All checkpoints are administrated online by the HKS database. Only by using a valid ticket will RFID terminals approve the authorisation and pass the information on to the background system.