HKS Stadtsystem

city systems

The HKS city system focusses on the diversity and individuality of regional offering and services. With modern means of communication it addresses customers of local companies and institutions. This purposefully creates regional presence!

It allows providers to interlink offers and promotion campaigns. In this it does not rely on an anonymous discount system, but on tangible goods and services. Additional purchasing power is generated, which effectively enhances utilisation and sales volume!

It also utilises existing regional data medium, such as EC cards or the local energy supplier’s customer card. This creates additional value outside the core business!

Furthermore, it provides tangible incentives, which – for the customers – are clearly related to their region (e.g. parking, entrances to public facilities or the use of charging stations for electric vehicles). This creates acceptance and sustains a general interest with the citizens!

It facilitates business, accounting and clearing. Thus it helps to reduce expenses for all participating companies, cities and municipalities!