HKS Entwicklung


The HKS system is a stable and efficient SQL database system, which allows the quick and safe processing of complex and large amounts of data. This is essential regarding the evaluation of attendance, data management and feedback. All important information is contained, maintained and administrated via the HKS database.

To meet our customer’s requirements, the HKS system is in constant development. With the development of our latest version V7 in 2015, the system has been completely revised and adapted to latest technology standards. Thus, we developed a modern system that combine innovation with proven quality.

Our team of engineers, computer scientists and business economists can draw on many years of operating experience and solid expertise. Also, our customers’ preferences and demands are always taken into consideration when it comes to the development of new modules and features.

The modular concept not only allows the smooth implementation of new applications and services, but also facilitates the adaption of existing applications to top standards, making the system’s customised setup easy and user-friendly.