Erlebnis Zoo Hannover

New online shop and access control system for Hannover's Erlebnis Zoo

Hannover Zoo is known for its seven lovingly designed theme worlds. Approximately 1.3 million guests per year visit the 2200 animals, harboured on more than 22 hectares. These visitor volumes
require a reliable access control and billing system. For this, the zoo has chosen HKS as a reliable partner.

The request was a reliable POS system with combined access control for the zoo entrance. The effective and rapid access control is to reduce waiting times for visitors as well as reduce card misuse to a minimum. In addition, administrative work should be automated and simplified. For this, HKS together with partner Skidata, has developed solution optimally matched to the conditions on site.

Visitors buy their tickets for the zoo either at one of the 10 HKS cash registers, via the new online shop, which is integrated into the POS system, or at on one of the HKS ticket machines. When purchasing a ticket via the online shop, the Print@Home barcode document serves as entrance ticket: Barcode reader verify the tickets’ validity at the entrance turnstiles. 

Annual season ticket holders can choose to receive their cards by post or to personally pick them up in the zoo’s service center. The term of personalized ZooCards can be renewed automatically
via the system's subscription function and can be billed comfortably via direct debit. Customers have the possibility to check the duration of their ZooCard or the current value of their
vouchers in the webshop at any time.

Via the online shop's event manager, time slots for access, events or tours can be thoroughly planned and booked online beforehand. The additional B2B portal allows partners like ticket agencies or hotels, to also sell the Zoo's tickets.  

  • Partner | Customer: Skidata | Zoo Hannover GmbH
  • Abstract: accounting system with adjoint access control system, subscription managment, online shop with event management, B2B portal, online sale of value cards and subscriptions, interfaces to external systems